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Meet Moda Ep. 1


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Meet Moda Ep. 1.

People... Friends, family, work colleagues, pen-pals, neighbours. The people we surround ourselves, connect and interact with all help write our own story. 

Team Moda makes us who we are... We’re all about community spirit and take a lotta pride in it. The Moda family, both residents and team Moda. We also include you in our community. Want to get to know the real people behind Moda? Of course, you do. *winky face*

We’re going to be doing a series of blogs introducing our staff as a way of us connecting with you at home. To kick it off, we introduce you to...*drum roll please*

Meet Jay

Jay, Customer Service Manager at Moda, Angel Gardens (aka The Right Hand Man).

So, customer service - where, when, why and how? 

I’ve got all the tricks of the trade up my sleeve from over 10 years’ experience in the industry. From weddings, corporate events and hotels. Before joining the Moda family I was at The Principle hotel - a stunning building and venue, if you haven’t eaten, drank or danced there yet, you should.

People are my thing. Meeting them. Helping them. Entertaining them. One of the most satisfying elements of my job is providing a solution for our residents and making them smile. I am problem solver with a love for attention to detail.

Word at Angel Gardens is that your smile is contagious. Aka Mr. Smiley... What is a standard day for you?

No day is ever the same! My job is to keep residents happy. I cover event planning, resident engagement, responding to enquiries on the app, making sure Angel Gardens looks on brand – from sounding good to smelling right!

Tell us a little bit more about yourself Jay?

Track days are the best days. Mention paintballing, I am listening. I’m also a dog lover, which is why I love seeing all the pet residents at Angel Gardens. 

If you could be related to anyone and have anyone for dinner who would it be? 

Who doesn’t love The Rock? He’d be a super cool older brother. The adventures you’d go on, and he seems like a fun guy. For dinner, that would have to be Marylin Monroe. I bet she has some crazy stories JFK?

Is Manchester your home?

Born and bred. My family has always lived here, and I’ve been brought up with the Mancunian drive and love for the city.

When we're exploring the city again, where would we find you?

For a fun night out you'll find me Rain Bar sipping on a JD and coke or Long Island iced tea. 

I LOVE food. So, you'll fine me purchasing food, glorious food. Breakfast is a must for me, and I really try not to skip it, (even if it’s chocolate). I love a classic bacon sarnie and the best one has to be from Philpots.

For lunch, you’ll find me tucking into ‘The Mac Attack’ grilled cheese at Northern Soul, the UK’s first grilled cheese restaurant. All the cheese with a side of pickles.

Still can’t find me… I’ll be chowing down on an Honest Burger.

Describe your perfect Sunday?

A lazy morning, breakfast in bed followed by a day on the beach… Reality check, I’m spending it with my nephew and having family time.

Best thing about Angel Gardens?

It’s got to be the amenities! Having everything under one roof is am-maz-ing. It’s created a real community spirit within the building. Especially with all the events that are on offer.


Quick fire questions...

  • Currently listening to - Drake, do not disturb
  • Last watched film - The Big Short
  • Last purchase - Coat
  • Last liked Insta pic - Dog
  • Brunch or beers kinda guy - Beers
  • Footie, tennis or rugby? - I am obviously a Man United fan and live around the corner from the stadium

Was the dog Rambo by any chance? We hear you two are best buddies. 

Stay tuned for the next episode...