Moda’s Guide to Manchester’s most ludicrous cheeseburger alternatives to tackle on National Cheeseburger Day.


It comes as no surprise that the cheeseburger has its own day, joining the ranks of margaritas, pizza and cheesecake! From deep fried spring rolls to doughnut buns! We have compiled the most mouth-watering and wacky creations from Manchester to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day on Tuesday 18th September.


Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

These best-selling spring rolls from SoLita’s are as outrageous and as amazing as they sound – burger steak wrapped in bright yellow plastic cheese wrapped in pastry and then deep fried, they are essentially the greatest alternative to a cheeseburger. No trip to this Manchester restaurant is complete without a portion of these. 


Cheeseburger Pizza, The Mac Daddy

Manchester’s legendary pizza parlour, Crazy Pedro’s serves the most bonkers creations. It’s a well-known fact that the Big Mac is the best McDonalds’s burger ever created and the pizza is the best takeaway option.. Well, Crazy Pedro’s have married these two together to create, The Mac Daddy pizza – a wacky substitute to the standard cheeseburger, with mini hamburgers, jack cheese, mac sauce, gherkins and shredded lettuce.

Crazy Pedro’s

Donut Cheeseburger

Head down to Red’s True BBQ to satisfy your burger cravings on National Burger Day, their Donut Burger is bound to get your mouth watering – beef patty, unholy BBQ sauce, burger cheese, smoked bacon, crispy onions, dirty sauce, All served between two sweet glazed donuts. This weird combination shouldn’t work but trust us when we say it does! 

Red’s True BBQ

Vegan Whopper way to make a living Burger

Named the ‘Best Vegan Restaurant’ in the UK at the annual VegFest in London, V-Rev’s are masters in vegan junk food, serving the yummiest vegan treats. ¼ beef patty, cheez, house sauce, crispy onions, beacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles – the ‘Whopper way to make a living’ burger is no ordinary cheeseburger!