Swap parking spaces for Uber credits


Lexington Gardens image

Any city centre resident will know that often hopping on a bus, catching the tram or hotfooting it to your chosen destination beats the traffic on most days. However, there are some occasions when nothing beats a taxi. That’s why we’ve partnered with Uber for all our Angel Gardens residents in Manchester.

In the first collaboration of its kind in Britain, Uber will offer each Moda resident that agrees not to have a parking space within the development, monthly Uber credits than can be accessed via their Moda resident app.

Did you know there are around 30 million cars in the UK – and 95% of the time cars remain parked and unused, taking up valuable space on the street or in car parks?

Our scheme hopes to reduce congestion and pollution, while providing better value for our Angel Gardens residents, swapping parking spaces for other useful facilities such as fitness and meeting rooms. 

Instead of owning a car and renting a parking space, having Uber credit will allow residents to simply press a button on the bespoke app and get a ride, reducing the need for city centre car ownership. The bespoke Moda app, which helps residents connect with each other, will also allow users to control their heating and entertainment, as well as order food and other services, such as booking a ride through Uber! 

Jo Bertram, Regional General Manager of Uber in the UK, said:
“Cars are one of the most expensive assets most people own, but they’re used just five per cent of the time. Our mission is for everybody to have a reliable ride at the touch of a button so they don’t need their own car. Joining forces with Moda Living will be a big step forward in making that a reality. By helping people get around and connect with public transport without needing their own car we can put some of the space wasted on parking to much better use. And with more people using car sharing options like UberPOOL we can reduce congestion and emissions too.”