The benefits of regular yoga


City life is fast paced, vibrant and a lot of fun. We wouldn’t have it any other way, but we’re all guilty of burning out occasionally. Especially when you’re trying to smash work, be a social butterfly and attempt some downtime. Phew.

We chatted to yoga and wellness experts about the main benefits of regular yoga. How can yoga improve our lives?

Maybe our blog will be the final nudge you need to take the leap of faith and try out a class? Get the leggings and mats at the ready!

Yoga helps you remain calm in difficult situations

We get it. Work is crazy, you’ve got 5 weddings to attend, flights to book and countless emails to reply to. We all lead such hectic lifestyles, which can cause feelings of anxiety and stress.

Frances Gighegan, Managing Director at Healing Holidays says, ‘‘When faced with stressful moments, breathing techniques can provide headspace, clarity and a way to calm down and reassess our thought process. Many people still see yoga as a fitness regime, which of course it is, but it’s so much more than that.’’

By committing yourself to regular yoga classes, you learn calming breathing techniques which can be used off the mat. Such as presenting in that all-important work meeting and keeping your cool on a hot first date.

Yoga improves performance for athletes and gym-goers

Did you know that many professional athletes practice yoga weekly, some even daily?

Stella Metsovas, USA Professional Swimmer, says,‘‘From doing yoga, what I have found to specifically benefit me athletically is spinal alignment and looseness in my hip flexors. I also find that Bikram yoga has enhanced my body and mind through promoting relaxation and body awareness.’’

So, not only does yoga help athletes to remain calm when dealing with the pressures of performing, but it also improves their physical performance.  

Miriam Amselem, Yoga Instructor, says,‘‘Yoga's physical benefits are many including increased flexibility, strength, balance, improved posture and reducing muscle tension. Therefore, it is a great way to help performance with other workouts too.

Yoga helps with flexibility because of the stretching that’s involved. You can stretch the whole body in just one hour of yoga.’’

If you’re an athlete or a keen gym-goer, adding yoga to your current fitness regime could make you even better at what you do.

Yoga helps you sleep better

Life is always better after a good night’s sleep, right? There’s nothing worse than attempting the millions of things you need to do when you’re just so tired.

Jennifer Cook, Yoga Instructor, says ‘‘Yoga reduces cortisol levels in the brain, decreasing stress and promoting a more restful sleep. Certain yoga practices, such as Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, are further instrumental in developing healthy sleep patterns.’’

If you struggle with insomnia, why not fit yoga into your bedtime routine to help you unwind?

We recently created The Complete Guide To A Superb Sleep, which is filled with handy hints and tips on getting a decent night’s sleep.

Yoga improves your self-confidence

Regular yoga classes will naturally teach you how to remain calm and focused, which will make you appear confident. Confidence is the foundation to success but it can be difficult if you’re an anxious person.

Caleb Backe, Certified Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Expert, says,‘‘The psychological benefits of yoga, such as a release of endorphins and an increase in mindfulness, affect your overall self-compassion and confidence levels. The ability to breathe through a pose and see improvements in just a few days can have wondrous effects on your self-esteem and knowledge of your abilities.’’

So, yoga can give you the confidence to land that job promotion, make more friends and be the best version of yourself. Sign us up!

Yoga can help to relieve painful sports injuries

Gentle yoga practice can help to relieve pain from sports injuries. Plus, as practicing yoga on a regular basis makes you more flexible, you’re less likely to gain a sports injury. Making yoga the perfect addition to your current workouts.

Dane Monson, Spa National Group Exercise Director at VillaSport Athletic Club, says, ‘‘Those with sports injuries will benefit the most from gentle yoga practice. It’s a great way to stay active when you cannot meet the demands of physically straining exercise.’’

Have you ever gained a sports injury and been disappointed to be benched? Some forms of gentle yoga allow you to stay active!

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