Those January blues



The struggles are real! Just know, you’re not alone. Don’t beat yourself up. We’re all feeling the blues, but how do we snap out of them and perk up for the rest of Jan?

It’s the little things that make a difference. Treat yourself for no reason. Make exciting plans and take the time to feel good about you. Let’s make January a good one everyone. *seriously, it will be fine guys*


Plan a nice lunch

Good food is the answer to many of life’s troubles, right? Yes.

We’re sure you’ve jumped on the ‘eat healthy’ bandwagon but there’s still some yummy options out there, that are healthy AND tasty. Find time this week to book a table for lunch with your work pals - we know you have billions of emails still and meetings, but they can wait. Take that break. It will all still be there after a delicious lunch.

January can be a difficult month for money so make the most of the foodie deals in your city! Everywhere is doing a little something… LeedsManchesterLiverpool and Birmingham.

Indulge in the January sales

Turns out there IS something good about bleak old Jan – those sales! December feels like every weekend is filled with festivities or present shopping. January can be the month for you – use those vouchers, spend that Christmas money and take time to find something nice just for you. New work clothes, new gym wear or a new juicer… whatever takes your fancy!


Create a new morning routine

To prevent yourself from feeling like you’re going through the motions, try creating a new morning routine that involves something you enjoy. Whether that means stopping by your favourite coffee shop, doing morning yoga or making the effort to share the commute with a friend. Rather than seeing the morning as a negative, see it as a time to start the day of right.

Make plans

Music is life. What gigs are coming up? Get them in the diary and start looking forward to them.

Arranging exciting plans can be just as fun as doing the plans. If you’re low on funds, stick to thinking up ideas for the year ahead, researching – that doesn’t cost a thing.

Create mood boards for inspiration with your friends. What better way to get rid of the blues than to have something fun to focus on? Holidays, days out, nights in… you can do anything!

Check out iWish. An app to create a bucket list and achieve those life goals! Pinterest is a great way to visualise your thoughts and feel inspired by likeminded people.

Other tools to create mood boards on: MilanoteMURALSampleboard


Bring your desk to life

Bringing personality and individuality to your desk will make you feel more at home when at work – maybe don’t go as far as taking the slippers in though. *winks* Note - a clean, organised desk also helps! 

Plants are a great way to bring life to a space – literally. Try going for smaller, easy to look after plants and make sure they get plenty of sunshine. Plants are air-cleaning and mood boosting. Cactus, Devils Ivy or a set of small succulentsAll easy to look after.

Reach out

There can be feeling a little blue due to going back to work but there are also some perfectly normal lows that maybe need a tad bit more than a shopping trip to fix. As ever for any time of the year, if you’re struggling, make sure you reach out. Either to a friend, colleague or if you would prefer to talk to someone anonymously, there are many charities out there eager to offer a helping hand:

- Mind



- This Way Up

Bottle up the positivity you had at the beginning of the year and use it… You’ve got this. *fist punch*

Of course, there’s an app that can help. Think positive mindset, affirmation and self-talk.