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2020 wrapped up

04 / 01 / 2021

2020, a year of challenges and achievements. What a year, we didn't press pause at Moda.

Over and out 2020

That's 2020 fully wrapped up and the first full week of January completed. round of applause

As we look 2021 in the eye... we also look back at the year of challenges and achievements 2020 threw at us.

What a year

Time stood still then got moving again…

We officially launched the 35-story tower at Moda, Angel Gardens, received planning on two new neighbourhoods in Birmingham and Hove. Topped out Moda, The Lexington in Liverpool at 34-storeys and made significant progress across all our neighbourhoods.

We ended the year with the title of ‘UK Development of The Year 2020’ for our flagship neighbourhood Moda, Angel Gardens. hands up in the air, again

A year of progress that we wanted to share with you...

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