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Food chat

28 / 04 / 2020

Declutter the cupboards. Shop smart and cook wisely. Need a push to make moves in the kitchen? We've got you.


Food glorious food

Food is life, we all know this and have all experienced that one emotion… ‘hangry’.

We’ve seen and heard the news… no panic buying needed, shop smart and support locals. We’re all in this together.

Plan, shop wisely and cook your meals at home. Where to start?

Pantry staples

Get in that corner cupboard full of tins that you hardly open, scan your pantry and freezer. What could you make with the ingredients you already have, use that imagination of yours. dusting off the cookbook

Declutter the kitchen whilst you're at it... bin the old takeaway menus, Tupperware that's missing lids or that you never use and the spices that went out of date in 2017.

It’s time to make that homemade hummus you were going to whip up ages ago and never got around to doing. Throw in garlic, or zesty lemon or ‘zuzz’ up some beetroot in there! The chickpeas want your attention. Spread hummus not hate! Not a fan of hummus? You can still use those tins.

Shelves may be lacking but your cupboards may transform into a feast. We’re intrigued by the Black bean soup


Shop smart

Reduce the amount of shopping trips with smart basics. Add these to the list… root vegetables such as sweet potato, pumpkin and ginger. Citrus fruits, which can stay fresher for longer, and are full of immune-boosting nutrients.

Vit D plays a vital role in human health. Our wellbeing partner, hero wellbeing has pulled together why this vitamin is even more important, what food it’s in and some tasty recipes to get it in your diet.

Cook smart

Batch cooking and freezing ticks every box at the minute… Lasagne, the go-to comfort food, meat, veggie or vegan. Soup, another easy win. Thai carrot or roasted butternut squash is a Moda favourite.

Cook more than you need so you have leftovers for lunch the next day. We know, we struggle to save it for future meals too, it takes practice.

Cooking is a great distraction. Get everyone involved, crank the music up and meal prep together. Grab the kids, your flat mate or prop the phone up on FaceTime and cook together with your pal! Turn the TV off and connect. Indoor picnic anyone?



We know we know, diet. The word everyone fears. It can be a little repetitive to hear, but eating the right food is extremely important.

People who have better diets have more energy and improved digestion. There is a strong correlation between the science of eating healthy and being happy. According to Forbes, those who had a higher fruit and vegetable intake resulted in the person having more beneficial effects on different indicators of wellbeing, such as happiness or general life satisfaction.

Eat your greens! The gut is often referred to as our second brain. We need to feed it right...

We need to keep our immune system in top condition. That means going
easy on the frozen dinners, most are high in sodium, fat, and calories. As tempting as it is to stock the cupboards with all the sugary and savoury treats, limit those purchases.

Good foods to have are:

  • Avocado duh
  • Chickpeas: see there’s a reason why they’re in everyone’s cupboard
  • Garlic: mmmmm and smells delish can’t live without it
  • Broccoli: raw or lightly cooked, sprinkle it with that garlic and Parmesan
  • Spinach: remember Popeye… eat it raw or lightly sauteed with that garlic
  • Celery: why not juice it? It’s good for the skin
  • Tomatoes adding to the avocado
  • Mushrooms for breakfast, lunch and dinner… it’s the true staple of dishes
  • Oranges: who doesn’t love a good easy peeler?
  • Berries: amazing with yoghurt or ice-cream all about balance remember
  • Sweet potato: fry them, bake them, drizzle with honey. It’s an all-purpose vegetable.
  • Nuts: high in fibre and so many to choose from. snacking on them right now


Stay hydrated

It’s vital that everyone is drinking enough water and staying hydrated. The change in routine can mean that the body may require different levels, and therefore it is important to make sure you are getting enough into your body. Water has a major effect on energy levels and brain function. Although we may be staying at home, we still have s*** to do.

Water is said to hydrate our skin, boost your immune system, and more. So, if you’re like many of us, who don’t remember to drink enough. Hydration a priority… set a reminder. You can eat water, pass the cucumber. Remember, clear pee is good pee.

Hella dehydrated? It's time to reach for the water.