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Love at first burger...

We all need to make time for a burger once in a while. Today is that day - National Burger Day. Leeds, Liverpool or Birmingham, we've rounded up the flippin' good ones.READ

We all need to make time for a burger once in a while. Today is the day to get yourself a ‘flippin’ good one...

Burgers have come a long way since they were first introduced from the USA. Classic bun and burger patty? Or are you an 'indulge in all the trimmings’ type?

Here are the best burger picks from our Moda cities; here’s to a burgerlicious day.


Leeds is a foodie central. Home to some truly scrummy burgers, that will have you salivating with every bite. Celebrate National Burger Day, one burger at a time, with the below Moda hotspots.


Meat Liquor

The phrase ‘looks can be deceiving’, that certainly applies here. 'The Dead Hippie' burger perhaps not the most instagrammable burger. It's damn right mouth-watering. Double the patty = double the fun. Scottish Highland beef patties are cooked in french mustard and covered in their famous Dead Hippie sauce. A
tastebud explosion.

Reds True BBQ

Need some directions for the juiciest burger in town? Doughnut worry. We have you covered. Next stop, is Reds for their doughnut burger. Two patties, a layer of melted cheese and crispy bacon, bursting between two glazed doughnuts. A carbilious treat. The perfect sweet and savoury dish. It’s the real deal at Red’s True BBQ. A nap may be required afterwards.

Patty Smiths

Being a non-meat eater doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on a day like today. These days restaurants have to offer a plant-based option and it's always pretty impressive. Join in the burger fun with the ‘Leafeater’. A mighty fine burger that oozes with all that ‘dirty’ goodness this patty joint is known for. No, it doesn’t involve a portobello mushroom. No bull, just a whole load of yumminess and crispy fries for you to try.


The place where you party on the docks, wear curlers to the shops and never be ashamed to blast out your favourite Beatles song. This group is without doubt the most influential bands of all time. They have been an inspiration for the awesome and rockin’ restaurants in Liverpool, here come the burgers...



This American style bistro is burger heaven. Surf and turf time... the best of both worlds. A classic meaty delight and fish seafood frenzy. Let's break it down for you, so you know exactly what to expect. It’s new and improved, with two juicy patties filled with all the flavour, tangy cheese, fresh creole shrimp, some punchy slaw and accompanied by a giant fresh out of the water, tiger prawn.

Death Row Diner

Based in the heart of Liverpool's Knowledge Quarter. Purposefully grungy, exposed brickwork and neon wording throughout. The perfect setting to get the meat sweats. We'll take the fried chicken burger. It's not for the faint-hearted. A sweet finishing touch... the classic toothpick, acting as a sturdy post, so your burger doesn’t end up looking like the Tower of Pisa... Here, it's a Chupa Chup. Don't forget to order the lasagne bites!

Frost Burger

100% plant-based street food. Junk food heaven. Beef-free burger. Fish-free burger. Even vegan ice cream for puds, if there's space.

Get ready for the next delight. A double-stacked, full of all the trimmings. It's called 'Double Trouble' for a reason. This burger will not disappoint and comes with fries of your choice. For us, skin on, always.


Is brimming with good uns. Brummi burger crawl anyone?

Do calories even count when it's National Burger Day? We think not...


Flying Cow

Originated from the classic American ‘hamburger’. Birmingham has used this US delicacy to present its own version of the classic patty. Served on with crispy fries, this 'Rocket Man' burger is the perfect scrummy twist, on an already classic dish. Their secret - 'it’s about clean crisp ingredients'.

Original Patty Men

Only 33 seats you better get in line. The hour and a half wait has become a regular occurrence. We can assure you, it's worth the wait. They have the perfect craft beers to sip on whilst doing so. Clever or what?

The 'Alabama Slammer'. Big and juicy, it's one cheesy treat. A fried chicken burger that you enjoy with either a mayo surprise, or spice up your life with the chilli sauce. It's finger-lickin' good. What makes this burger different? It’s a chicken thigh, that is fried to create ultimate juiciness. They don't call themselves 'patty pimps & purveyors of filth' for no reason.

Buffalo and Rye

The smokiest place in Birmingham, has to be Buffalo and Rye. Smoke, grill or slow cook. Either way care and love are instilled into these burgers. Result - giving you the best flavours possible.
What they’re best known for, is their 'Home-smoked Beef Brisket Burgers'. Let the burger envy begin, indulge in a double beef patty, topped with black pudding, American cheese, burger sauce and sauté onions... Birmingham totally over-delivers on the burger front.