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Moda Insider - Rambo

26 / 07 / 2021

Pet friendly living is a Moda thing... Meet Moda mascot, Rambo. The first doggo to move into a Moda neighbourhood. We woof you!

**Recognise this face? **

If not, where have you been. He's been the Moda mascot since day one. An original OG!

The first doggo to move into Moda, Angel Gardens.

Let us officially introduce you...

Rambo. AKA Rambosaurus, Ramdog and, Bubba by his mumma.

There's an old adage that behind every great human is an even greater pet.

**Favourite activity **

Hide and seek... he has got some pretty good hiding spots up his sleeve.

One being under the sofa. He doesn’t stay hidden for very long though, too much of an attention seeker to stay quiet! eyes roll

Most likely to

Be everyone's friend or brighten up someone's day.

Favourite treat

CHEESE. We couldn't agree more Rambo, what a brie-liant choice! Sorry, not sorry!

When not at Moda

You'll find Rambo strolling around New Islington and the canal checking in on his other pawpals.

If not there, Rambo takes his human to Feel Good Club, Mackie Mayor and Takk Coffee. Puppicino anyone?

**Manchester, a city of dogs **

Officially the 2nd best city for dogs in the UK.


Companionship and connection

Pre-covid, post-covid... pets are really good for us.

Evidence continues to grow showing that pets have positive health benefits and community cohesion. According to The Mental Health Foundation 'the companionship that a pet offers is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress.' Not only that, pets can help us to live mentally healthier lives.

Damn straight we're pet friendly!

Pet friendly renting is a Moda thing

Landlords think pets are too risky... not us. You know we don't go with the flow! wink

Pets! What would we do without their loyalty and cute little faces, quirky character traits, and ever-available Instagram poses? They really do have the power to lift our spirits when we need it the most.
Good job we're pet friendly AF. Fur-ever.