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Moda + Fiit: Workout anywhere!

10 / 05 / 2022

There ain’t no partnership like a Moda + Fiit partnership… the Moda family now get access to exclusive discounts and offers with the #1 fitness app!

Get Fiit anywhere with Moda

Moda has joined forces with at-home fitness pioneers Fiit...

Hi-tech, interactive, at-home workouts at Moda neighbourhoods.

Let’s face it, there isn’t anything more functional than a workout programme that fits around your life. So, we've hooked up our residents with the '#1 rated fitness app'!

An exclusive membership offers to our communities across the UK.

Move over Jane Fonda, Cindy Crawford and Davina McCall. wink

The rise of fitness-first rental

Hybrid fitness. Digital fitness. It's here to stay.

The number of people that have a digital fitness account is almost 70% higher than those that had gym memberships before the pandemic*, with 32% of UK adults now enjoying at least one online fitness membership – the way people want to workout has changed forever.

A revolution in home workouts, which are the second most popular fitness activity after walking and ahead of running in the wake of Covid-19. Fiit allows its members to get stuck in to more than 1,000 online classes on their screens, outdoors and at the gym, led by a team of expert fitness leaders and personal trainers.


At no cost at all... Moda residents will now be able to claim six months of free access to the premium workout brand’s services. Streaming unlimited classes tailored to their preferences, fitness aspirations and time restraints. The workouts range from 10 mins to 60 mins (and everything in between).

After the first six months, membership will remain discounted so that the Moda Fiit fam can continue to live its happiest, healthiest life.

The partnership ties in to our commitment of helping our residents live fulfilling, healthy lifestyles to maximise their wellbeing.

Over 1,000 classes and 3 studios in the app... Cardio, Strength and Rebalance (think yoga, Pilates, mobility and breath-work).

There's a class suited to every level of fitness...

The 'best trainers in the world' teaching virtual classes. Residents can follow their go-to trainer, choose a class on the day or join one of their training programmes.

We hear they’re pretty good. wink

It's not easy keeping home workouts fun and interesting. It is now... it just got a whole lot easier!

Whether residents want to fly solo in front of the sofa, team up in a virtual Moda class or head to the gym and put it on the big screen. Moda’s neighbourhoods are the optimum place to get the most out of what Fiit has to offer. fist pump


And the fun doesn’t stop there

Residents will have the chance to take part in exclusive, in-person exercise classes with Fiit’s world class, social media sensation trainers at Moda neighbourhoods.

Each trainer is an expert in their field and will give Moda residents the workout of a lifetime. The classes will take place in Moda’s dedicated fitness spaces – from cardio classes on the 200m rooftop running trap at Moda, The Mercian in Birmingham to Vinyasa flows and sunset yoga on the rooftop terrace at Moda, The Lexington in Liverpool. The Moda + Fiit classes will deliver an outstanding workout experience with a view. Sign us up!

Moda + Fiit will also be streaming a series of free live classes from Moda locations across the UK, to help people up and down the country get their fitness fix and enjoy a taste of the Moda life.

‘At Fiit, our mission is to make fitness a habit for everybody and with that, it means ensuring we are delivering a convenient way for people to move on a daily basis. With ‘working from home’ now the norm, we’re hugely excited to partner with Moda Living to bring our unique training experience to their members. Not only can they choose how they workout, it gives them the freedom to choose when - it gives them peace of mind, and privacy to workout on their terms.’

“Just as Moda Living has changed the rules of renting, Fiit has changed the world of fitness, and we are so excited to have joined forces with Fiit to bring this exclusive membership deal to all of our members.

As the no.1 interactive workout app in the world catering to all abilities and requirements, Fiit is perfectly aligned with Moda Living’s goal to enable residents to live active, healthy lives in whatever way suits them best.”

  • Lydia Eustace, Moda Living Director of Marketing and Wellbeing.

Want to be part of the Moda + Fiit fam

The partnership is kicking off with an exciting competition on Moda and Fiit’s social media! One lucky winner will receive a year’s membership to Fiit, Fiit Mat and Fit Tracker. Go, go go...
What class will we see you in?