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New city, here’s how to meet your new friends…

07 / 05 / 2019

Just moved to a new city? Started a new job and feel like the office newbie? Or simply drifted from the old crowd – our friendship group seems to get smaller as we get ol...

Just moved to a new city? Started a new job and feel like the office newbie? Or simply drifted from the old crowd – our friendship group seems to get smaller as we get older.

With a new job, a new city we need to make new connections - it can be hard to make friends in your 20s and 30s. Where do you start? As a child you form friendships over simple things… but “do you want to be my friend?” isn’t really an adult line. What do we say as grown-ups? Is “want to go on a friend date” acceptable?

It has been proven social connection and friends can help you live longer, keep your mind sharper, and help you navigate through the hard times life throws at you. From sharing ideas, celebrating achievements, swapping gossip to checking in on each other’s mental health. A Harvard study - one of the longest studies of adult life, concludes tending to relationships is key for our health and happiness.

Moving into Moda?

At Moda, we get it - city living can be lonely. We understand home is where your friends are. Our developments will be a place to live, work and play. You’ll have everything at your fingertips to settle in, meet your neighbours and get tuned in to your city. From regular resident events, to organising your own events through the MyModa app. Shared spaces to enjoy. Our concierge, knowing the best hidden spots in the city, for you and your new grown up friend to explore. New acronym alert: NGUF!

Manchester your next move? It’s an excellent place to work (and play obviously). So many people relocate to Manchester, that are in the same position. Manchester, your new home? You’re in luck as our flag ship build-to-rent development, Moda, Angel Gardens, is opening soon with all of the above. There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with people. A new neighbourhood, a community of friends.

Until then here’s some tips to help get you started on building your new social circle…

Get connected online


Not in the mood to go out? You can start the process of meeting like-minded people from the comfort of your own sofa. Ever heard someone say ‘I wish there was a Tinder for friends’?

Bumble BFF

Known as the feminist version of Tinder, Bumble facilitates genuine friendships for females. This BFF option encourages you to swipe through profiles and match with like-minded people. Easy right! So, get creative with your profile, what are you looking for? A new cycling buddy, someone to share your love of films or cooking? Let your personality shine and then take it offline. Surely, if you can find “the one” by swiping right, you can find your new confidantes the same way?

Citysocializer and Meetup

Both these apps connect people online by signing up to local activities and events. You meet up as you share the same interests, there’s a group for everyone; walking, photography to writing. Both help you find a new local social crowd to hang out with. You may even discover places you won't find in the guidebooks. From drinks to film nights, these apps are a great shout if you are looking to meet locals or other newbies who live in your city and expand that friendship group of yours.

Get out and about


Turn exercising into making friends. This way you already know your new squad have one thing in common – fitness. What else will you share?

There are so many sports clubs or if you don’t fancy being competitive, exercise classes are a great opportunity. From finding your zen on a Sunday morning at a yoga session to meeting new people at a local ‘park run’. If sports isn’t your thing, just go and explore, visit the local shops and read those flyers in the independent cafes. Your new pal could be right there, standing in front of you, waiting to order the exact same skinny flat white. Be forward, make a list of your hobbies and start asking around.

Take a class


Join that class you’ve been thinking about for years. Is it time to finally learn Italian? You might meet your new amico. Take up a cooking class or life drawing class and get chatting to people there. You already have one ready-made interest in common, what’s the betting you have more?

Your new friends are out there waiting to meet you! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy the adventure of finding that NGUF.

It’s super easy to make friends here at Moda. In fact, it’s pretty hard not too with our on-site gym, flexible working spaces, shared lounges, chilled-out rooftop terraces and cinema rooms. If that sounds your bag, head over to our to find a Moda near you.