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The Moda and Utopi partnership

10 / 08 / 2020

Ever thought of a building that reacts to resident’s needs? We have! Our new partnership with Utopi, bringing smart, integrated living to the city.

This is the future of city living

Moda and Utopi. The perfect pairing...

A Moda milestone

You know we’re all about wellbeing and high tech… are you ready for the next step? We've announced a partnership with innovative technology start-up Utopi.

Why? To build a complete digital infrastructure, and optimise smart building technology across Moda’s entire development portfolio. Prop tech at it's finest.

Positioning us as the first truly vertically integrated, tech-enabled build-to-rent company. throw hands in the air


What it means

This industry-leading collaboration will improve building operations and the sustainability of all Moda neighbourhoods.

How? By identifying any problems with energy consumption, faulty maintenance equipment, and systems amongst others, ahead of time. another hands up

Utopi’s digital infrastructure blueprint designs will utilise a combination of technologies to automate building management.

The IoT multi-sensor will be installed throughout Moda’s neighbourhoods. Measuring humidity, temperature, CO2, light, noise, motion and occupancy, creating a wellness score. The sensors will automatically respond to adjust the environment to exercise real-time control of air-conditioning, security, and lighting systems, optimising the space for residents and saving money on energy costs. Winning.

**Pretty impressive right? **

The main benefit of Utopi’s technology is the live nature of data capture. Instant alerts will ensure that any maintenance and utility issues are resolved efficiently or prevented entirely. A defective air-conditioning unit or contaminated tap is usually only detected at the next routine service visit. However, with remote dashboard monitoring displays, real-time data allows management to identify issues at a much earlier stage. Some systems employing machine learning to automatically adjust and redefine maintenance plans!

Utopi’s building management system will increase the lifespan of the costly appliances they serve, near eliminating disruptive maintenance work, benefitting both Moda and the experience of our residents... The whole Moda family.

It will also contribute, in the long run, to the sustainability of every Moda development and ultimately, its portfolio performance.


Say hello to tech-enabled buildings

It’s time to step up next generation living… This is pretty big for the future of Moda neighbourhoods.

Our mission with Utopi… convenience, health and wellbeing at the forefront of city living for you to live, work and play in the greenest way.

Oscar Brooks, Moda director - "The technological advancements of IoT in real estate will forever change how we interact with the structures in which we live and work.  We need to ensure that Moda is truly tech-enabled - to really understand the behaviour of our residents and help us build the best homes of the future. Moda is a vertically integrated housing brand, and Utopi is the cornerstone supplier for our new build-to-rent operating system.”

Exciting times

Jonathan Burridge CEO at Utopi - “Moda is the biggest and fastest-growing purpose-built BTR company in the UK and our brief was to keep them at the cutting edge by helping deliver innovative smart building technology for their portfolio. By using tech to change the way buildings are designed, we create safer spaces and better places to live. We are always looking ahead at Moda’s next development so they continue to lead the way in technological advancements in the BTR space.

We support their mission to become the greenest BTR in the country, and IoT and data analytics has a leading role to play in a Net Zero Carbon world, helping reduce or avoid consumption, whilst saving residents and owners money, and greatly enhancing the living experience.”