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The Perks of Digital Detoxing

06 / 06 / 2024

Unplugging from the digital noise.


Now, don’t get us wrong, we love our phone! It’s a home comfort. A source of research, knowledge, and connection. Having a mindless scroll can be brilliant at helping switch off a bit but then it turns into ‘the doom scroll’– we all do it. hands cover face

Did you know that one in five adults in the UK spend over 40 hours per week online? That’s over 5.5 hours per day, every day. Shocker, we know…

Be it for work, leisure, or socialising, our dependence on digital technology has drastically increased during the 21st century. The first iPhone was release in June 2007! Remember the Nokia 3210, the game snake, oh let’s bring those back. No notifications, apps, emails, 100s of WhatsApp chats. Actually, we don’t think we could give up Google Maps. Haha.

Undoubtedly technology has enhanced our lives. We work, live, socialise and organise our lives on our phones - they make life a little bit easier. You can order food, summon a car, purchase millions of consumer goods to your door and it’s a photographic record of your life.

We’re not here to advocate a super digital detox approach, an off-grid cabin in the woods with your phone locked in a box with no Wi-Fi or reception (though that does sound tempting sometimes). We’re encouraging a little break from our digital buddies, a small effort to reduce screen times, to take charge of your digital life for your mental health and wellbeing.

High screen time can cause social anxiety and depression, we’ve all felt it watching picture perfect lives on the `gram. Lack of focus, decreased motivation and attention spam, do you even realise you’ve picked up your phone and watching trending videos on TikTok? Poor sleep, are you guilty of waking and having a midnight scroll, how many minutes are you
awake before you check your phone?

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