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Best New Fitness Classes in Manchester


Whether it’s to keep fit or destress, working out is part of our weekly routine here at MODA and we are spoilt for choice in Manchester with places to go. Here’s our pick of some of the best classes and workout spots in the city…

M3 Perform

The personal service of a PT session and the motivation of a group workout is fused together perfectly at M3 perform. Combine their high intensity Condition classes, which take a similar format to circuit training, with a few muscle focused Volume sessions and you’ve got the perfect workout programme. The community of gym goers here is the perfect motivation to keep you on track and committed, whilst the dedicated team of trainers make sure each individual is pushed to the limits to achieve their goals.

M3 Perform

Yoga @ Gym and Juice 

The most stylish wellness studio in the city – Gym and Juice is the place to go to feel good and make sure your followers know it! One of our top picks here is the Power Yoga class led by Claudia Mirallegro- fast paced, hard work, a great stretch and a hour of calm all in one class. For those looking for a tougher workout the Asspiration class is must try!

Gym and Juice 


The newbie on Manchester’s fitness scene, v1be offers a series of high intensity workouts that are split between time on the treadmills and time on the floor, using free weights. Each workout focuses on different muscle groups – and features low lighting and loud music for a clublike feel. All class guests wear a heart monitor - so there’s no excuses not to go as hard as you can in each session!


Something a little different at Bodybarre

Twerking, pole dancing, hula hooping, handstand practice – join fitness fans of all levels for a workout with a difference. The classes are each as fun as they sound but don’t expect to be let of lightly; it’s safe to say we worked muscles we never knew we had!


Take a run around Manchester

A calming jog down the canal, a scenic 5k tour of the city, sprints down a bustling street or long distance escape out of town – one of our top workouts in the city is simply to run round it taking in the sights and buzz of this amazing place.

For those looking to go a bit further – and do it all in the name of a good cause – sign up for the Urban Rush in Manchester, a 15 mile route through the city to raise money for Shelter. 

Urban Rush