Feline fine


close up. of two kittens

Moda pet club

As a nation, we're obsessed with pets, our own, friends and families and even strangers pets! How many times do you want to, or let's be honest, have you stopped when a furry friend walks past you... "what's their name, how old are they, what breed, are they having a good day?" Too far, we think not... 

Owning a pet can decrease stress, improve mood and encourage socialising. Pets really do have the power to lift our spirit when we need it the most.

The Mental Health Foundation carried out a study with Cats Protection that highlighted 87% of people who owned a cat felt it had a positive impact on their wellbeing. While 76% said they could cope with everyday life much better thanks to the company of their feline friends.

So, we're getting to know them... first up these two four-legged furballs... 

Warning, cuteness overload

Meet Zelda, a 9-month-old pure breed Ragdoll, who takes residency in Moda, Angel Gardens. *yes yes, we’re pet friendly*

Meet Peach, an 8-month-old Ragdoll cross (mum is unsure what she’s mixed with but that’s why she’s short-haired and everyone loves her for it). She also has some serious cattitude. *yes, yes, there’s two*

Zelda and Peach make the purrfect pair if we do say so ourselves.

Zelda and Peach, Peach and Zelda

You knew you recognised the names, didn’t you… Zelda was introduced into the fam when she was only 3 months old and Peach at 2 months, both in September 2019. Their quirky names are based on princesses from video games, Princess Peach from Mario and Princess Zelda from the legend of Zelda. Two iconic games and characters. Anyone for a quick race?

Although they’re super loving most of the time. Sisters or not have their fair share of mishaps. Once Zelda caused Peach to have stitches, when moving house, by pushing her off a box! Sounds like any sister relationship. *eyes roll* Peach is cheeky too. She nibbles your toes in bed, and there’s nothing worse when trying to sleep. We all know the importance of getting our beauty rest so unfortunately for the sake of sanity, the bedroom is now cat free. Sorry girls.

two kittens and house plant
two cats sleeping on the bed

Nicknames are a given to every pet…

Good or bad, wacky or simple. Most humans and furry friends have a long list of little nicknames. Mum and dad have different nicknames for Peach, mums is ‘Peachy pie’ and dad’s is ‘Pudding.’ Zelda gets called princess, she’s pretty good at acting like royalty. Together, they get called kittens or cattos. *cringe cat mum voice*

Bribing them is not as easy as you may think. Both aren’t really not big on treats. Not even cheese. We obviously can’t relate… pass the cheese. Pass the wine.

Hide and seek

Now the bedroom is out of bounds, they both love to play hide and seek, sneaking into places, Zelda always ends up in the wardrobe or the cupboards and then accidentally gets shut in there. *opps* Peachy Pie will hide under the bed till you’re gone and then will make herself cosy in the bed. 

Honestly, how do they manage to get comfortable in just about any position?


They have a gorgeous little window hammock/ bed and that's mainly where they’ll sleep!

However, Peach has an affinity to the bath and the sinks. She’ll literally sit there mewing at you to turn the tap on for playtime. She also loves to sit on your arm, taking in the world outside, the view, and the birds. 

Zelda lives the Moda life sprawled out in the sun on the velvet sofa. Wedging herself right in between the cushions for when the sun from the tall windows beams in. Mum is trying out harnesses so they can explore the courtyard when sunny.

kitten playing with a tap and water

Personality traits

Miss personality you could say… Zelda is a bit more cuddly and is always the first to investigate something. She’ll meet and greet you when you get home. Extrovert always, loving fuss and attention. Sometimes meowing until you cuddle her. No picking her up though, she’s a little wriggler. Clearly she calls the shots.

Peach is a bit timider than Zelda. You really have to earn the right to stroke her almost, she does little drive-by’s to get petted. Peachie Pie is miss playful and will find a way to play with anything... back to the taps, sink and water then. She’ll bat around receipts or plastic caps. 


The cutest thing about Zelda is how she’ll follow you everywhere and she will always sit around with you no matter where you are. 

The cutest thing about Peach is just how dainty she is. She’s still so small and has such a sweet little meow. She gets so into the strokes that she rolls over into your hand. 

Pets for life

Mum has never not had pets so it would just feel so lonely without one. They’re so therapeutic. Just generally such good company and very entertaining to have around.

Sleep. Play. Repeat. 

Their perfect day would mostly consist of sleeping, probably in the bed they know they shouldn’t be in. Playing a bit with their favourite catnip fish toy and then probably sleeping again! *Ah, the catlife*